Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Buddy Talk: My First Ever Blog Tour!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yay for another Buddy Talk! This week's topic is about me joining on a blog tour! And for the record, this is the first time I'll ever join a blog tour and hopefully this won't be the last.

I won't tell you the name of the book that I will be reviewing for the blog tour. Yes, I'll do a review about the book. If you're following me on Twitter, you'll probably know what book it is. The blog tour will start on May 26th until June 1st. I picked May 29th so stay tuned for my review about the book on the 29th.

Since I love you my book buddies, I'm going to show you a little sneak peek. This is the email I got confirming I am in the blog tour! *squeals* *happy dance*

I hope y'all are excited about it. I am super duper excited! This won't be long. Have a good day! See you soon.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Book Review: Lady Thief by Shelby Hailstone Law

Monday, April 28, 2014
Lady Thief
by Shelby Hailstone Law   
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Category: Teens/YA
Action/Adventure/Light Romance
Pages: 275
Format: eBook (ePub)  
Rating: ★★★
The Lady Thief is the most famous criminal of her time, but ever since her brush with a spy named Devon, sappy love stories have replaced her previously imperious image.

So when Devon and his team embark on a secret project designed to create the ultimate superhuman agent, the Lady Thief quickly discovers that infiltrating his team is more complicated than she ever imagined.

Between her anger toward him for ruining her reputation and his growing affection for her cover identity, she is drowning in emotions she has never dealt with before. But when evidence points to a rival criminal messing with the team, can the Lady Thief walk away with a clear conscience, or will she risk everything to help the very people sworn to bring her in?


I don't know what to say.

Okay, let me start with my real and very honest thought. Almost half of the book was boring. It made me want to sleep instead of reading it, but since I am dedicated to my hobby, reviewing books I had the courage to finish it. It wasn't really full of action, I was expecting it to have more actions. Since the synopsis was pretty cool, I love that it's about a famous criminal, Lady Thief or just Lena. Yes, Lena is her real name.

If you're gonna ask why I gave the book 3 stars that's because after reading the first half, it got better and it started to make sense. The second half has more actions than the first half and that's one of the reasons I gave it 3 stars. I also love how Lena changed. She became a better person and that's because she stayed in a camp (I guess it was a camp) with Devon's team. She became more open to the people around her.

My favorite character would be Devon! He's just cutely annoying and I love that he did not gave up on Lena, I love how he trusts Lena so much and that's equal to another star. In my opinion, Devon would make a great boyfriend. He's just awesome. My least favorite character would be Jared, he's just purely evil, end of story.

The ending was... good. Not very good nor very bad. I guess the book is not really for me. I won't recommend it but if you would like to read it then I won't stop you.


About the Author:

Although Shelby Hailstone Law was born in Utah, she was raised in Georgia from the age of three and considers herself a true Southern girl. She recently returned to Utah to attend Brigham Young University, where she met her husband, Matt Law, when they worked as summer camp counselors there. She recently graduated with her bachelor's degree in political science and a minor in editing, and she now works for Cedar Fort Publishing in Springville, Utah.

Get connected with the author!
Twitter / Goodreads / Blog


I know I haven't posted reviews as much as last month and I'm sorry about that. I just realized that it's so damn hard being a book blogger but still I love my blog & of course my book buddies!

See you soon, book buddies! Thank you for 1000 page views. I am so happy right now that I want to send you a virtual hug. *hugs*

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Buddy Book Mail #3 + Suggestion Sunday #2

Sunday, April 27, 2014
YES! It's time for Buddy Book Mail and Suggestion Sunday! Yes, I changed the name. Instead of Buddy Book Haul, I stick with Buddy Book Mail. I changed it up because I like BBM better than BBH.  

I know BBM is kind of late and that's because I wasn't able to post yesterday due to unstable internet connection. Sorry!

Without further ado, let's get into it!


The Legacy of Sadie Mae Stevens (The Gordite Witch)

by Max W. Miller
Format: eBook (ePub)

Check out the book: Goodreads / Amazon / Book Depository
*The book is currently unavailable on Book Depository*

Essence (The EVE Series, #1)
by A.L. Waddington
Format: eBook (ePub)
Check out the book: Goodreads / Amazon / Book Depository

The Vilincia Coven: The Watcher
by Jennifer Thompson
Format: eBook (ePub) and Paperback
Check out the book: Goodreads / Amazon / Book Depository

Being Hartley 
by Allison Rushby
Format: eBook (ePub)
Check out the book: Goodreads / Amazon / Book Depository
*I can't find a link to this book on Book Depository*



Jennifer Thompson for sending me a paperback copy of your book.
A.L. Waddington for sending me an ePub copy of your book.
Max W. Miller for sending me an ePub copy of your book.
YA Bound for sending me an ePub copy of Miss Rushby's book.

I appreciate each and every one of them. You guys are the best, stay cool!


What's on my Currently Reading shelf:

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

>>>>><<<<<Let's move to...

 Book Suggestion of the week: 
The Sound of Letting Go by Stasia Ward Kehoe

- If you're up for YA contemporary that deals with realistic situations, then this is perfect! It was beautifully written. Be sure to check out my review!

Song Suggestion of the week:

Demons by Imagine Dragons

- Yes, I'm like addicted to Imagine Dragons this week and I guess you can say they're one of my favorite band now. The song makes you move with its beat and whenever I'm listening to it I feel at peace.


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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Buddy Talk: My Favorites!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
I find it hard to choose a topic to talk about with you my lovely book buddies... but, I finally settled for a topic a few hours ago and it's FAVORITES! I'll tell you my top five favorite books, songs, food, crush (celebrity or non-celebrity, or book boyfriends. I hope after posting this, you'll get to know me much better. So, enjoy!


It's really hard to choose just five!
(In no specific order. Goodreads, Book Depository, and Amazon links will be posted at the end of the post!)

Vain by Fisher Amelie 
Haven by Kristi Cook
Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June by Robin Benway

The songs listed below are my fave songs at the moment.

(In no specific order.)

Dark Horse by Katy Perry || Alex G's Cover on YouTube ||

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons || The Macy Kate Band & KHS Cover on YouTube ||

Dear No One by Tori Kelly || Tori Kelly Official Music Video on YouTube ||

All Too Well by Taylor Swift || Against The Current Band Cover on YouTube ||

Counting Stars by One Republic || Chrissy Costanza, Alex Goot, & KHS Cover on YouTube ||

I love to eat and it's hard to choose just five.

Yogurt (Strawberry & Banana or Strawberry, & Blueberry)

Pizza (Cheesy Mushroom, Hawaiian Overload, & Cheese overload)

Cake (Chocolate!)

Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Choco Hazelnut)

Goldfish (It's like crackers in a goldfish shape. I love the flavors S'mores and Cheese)

I don't watch many TV series. Bear with me.
(In no specific order.)

Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family

The Tomorrow People on The CW

Intelligence on CBS Network

Nikita on The CW

Supernatural on The WB

As always, it's hard to choose just five movies.
(In no specific order.)

You're Next (2011) (Directed by Adam Wingard)

Insidious (2010) (Directed by James Wan)

Wild Child (2008) (Directed by Nick Moore)

The Hunger Games (2012, film) (Directed by Gary Ross)

Frozen (2013) (Directed by Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee)

TOP FIVE CRUSH:You can't really call it 'favorite'. 

Ian Harding (Actor)

Kian Lawley (YouTuber)

Josh Hutcherson (Actor)

Niall Horan (Band member of One Direction)

Kurt Hugo Schneider (YouTuber)

(In no specific order.)

Taylor Swift

Demi Lovato

Katy Perry

Christina Perri

Bruno Mars

(In no specific order.)


Boyce Avenue

One Republic

One Direction

Against The Current


The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June by Robin Benway links!
Goodreads - Book Depository - Amazon

Vain by Fisher Amelie links!
Goodreads - Book Depository - Amazon

Haven by Kristi Cook links!

Goodreads - Book Depository - Amazon

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover links!
Goodreads - Book Depository - Amazon

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins links!Goodreads - Book Depository - Amazon


I think that covers it all. I hoped you enjoyed everything! Be sure to leave some of your favorites below in the comment box. See you soon, book buddies!

-- Alyanna xo

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Buddy Book Haul #2 + Suggestion Sunday #1

Saturday, April 19, 2014
Well, I forgot to post a buddy book haul yesterday so I'll post today together with my first ever Suggestion Sunday!

Let's start with...


I didn't bought/received physical copies last/this week but I was given virtual copies of some books that I wanted to read for the longest time. Big thanks to my friend!

*I don't have the pictures, I'll just list it down for you!* 

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (EBOOK)
Review soon! (I need to read this because the movie is fast approaching!)
WATCH THE TRAILER: The Fault In Our Stars - Official Trailer

Looking for Alaska by John Green (EBOOK)
Review soon!

If I Stay by Gayle Forman (EBOOK) 
Review soon! (I was intrigued by the trailer and Chloe Grace Moretz is in it, how nice!)
WATCH THE TRAILER: If I Stay - Official Trailer

Liv, Forever by Amy Talkington
Review soon!

I think that's all I added to my Aldiko reader and I started reading If I Stay. Honestly, I'm enjoying it so far.


Now let's move too...


Book Suggestion: Win The Rings by K.D Van Brunt

If you're up to sci-fi novel, shifters and actions, you must read this! Check it out on Goodreads!

Music Suggestion: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

I've been listening to this song every day. It makes me sway with the rhythm! I prefer the official music cover by Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix! Check it out on YouTube!

That's all for my suggestions! I'm... tired. Haha.

See you soon!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Standby Thursday: Don't Call Me Baby by Gwen Heasley

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Standby Thursday is a segment on my blog that features books that are going to publish and I am excited to read or have! 

Title: Don't Call Me Baby
Author: Gwendolyn Heasley
Expected Publication: April 22nd 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen        

'All her life, Imogene has been known as the girl on THAT blog.

Imogene's mother has been writing an incredibly embarrassing, and incredibly popular, blog about her since before she was born. Hundreds of thousands of perfect strangers knew when Imogene had her first period. Imogene's crush saw her "before and after" orthodontia photos. But Imogene is fifteen now, and her mother is still blogging about her, in gruesome detail, against her will.

When a mandatory school project compels Imogene to start her own blog, Imogene is reluctant to expose even more of her life online...until she realizes that the project is the opportunity she's been waiting for to tell the truth about her life under the virtual microscope and to define herself for the first time.

Don't Call Me Baby is a sharply observed and irrepressibly charming story about mothers and daughters, best friends and first crushes, and the surface-level identities we show the world online and the truth you can see only in real life.'


YAY! *squeals* A few more days to go and this awesome book will be publish. Of all books that are going to be release this month, Don't Call Me Baby is one of my most-awaited book for April! I know some reviews on Goodreads are kind of bad but still I can't wait to read it and share my opinion with you guys!

Feel free to comment down below the title of the book(s) you are most excited to read or have this month, and I'll check them out!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book Review: Win The Rings by K.D. Van Brunt

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Win The Rings (Book #1)

Author: K.D . Van Brunt

Publisher: Evernight Teen
Category: Teens/YA
Genre: Sci-fi

Format: eBook (ePub, 276 pages)

Rating: ★★★

Jace has been the property of the U.S. Army since they found out about her when she was five, and now she has become one of its most valuable weapons. But Jace is not the only one of her kind. Gray is one too, but with the help of his sister, he has spent most of his sixteen years hiding from the Army. Now, the Army has found out about Gray and they cannot allow him to roam free. Operating on the theory that it takes one to catch one, Jace is send out with a special ops squad to hunt Gray down. But Jace is not the only one pursuing Gray, and the competition is after her too. What ensues is a desperate chase through city after city as duty and honor collide with love and sacrifice.


This book is an interesting read!

I can't put it down since I started reading it, I was so hooked. I enjoyed reading the story because it's about shifters. I'm starting to love shifters! The characters were good, the plot is good, over all it's amazing.

My favorite character would be Gray! I love how he truly loves his sister. It's a rare kind of situation where a guy cares more about his sister than himself. Some guys in some stories wouldn't care about their sister like Gray does. My least favorite character would be Jace, she acts like she's a superior. She thinks she's good at everything, you know what I mean. Maybe in the second book, I'll love her. I want to see her soft side.

I love that this book doesn't contain too much romance. You can really see that both of the characters are struggling since the perspective is alternating between Jace and Gray. I didn't expect this book to be this good. It's so refreshing, fun, and a fast read. The whole story is amazing, I can't wait to read the second book!

Two thumbs up to Mr. Van Brunt for writing such an awesome novel!

*I got this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Thank you Mr. Van Brunt for giving me a chance to read an awesome novel! I enjoyed every part of the book!


Get connected with Mr. Van Brunt:

Twitter: @KDVanBrunt
Website: K.D. Van Brunt

Book Review: The Liar Society by Lisa & Laura Roecker

Photo from Goodreads
The Liar Society (Liar Society Series, #1)
Author: Lisa & Laura Roecker  
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire (March 1, 2011)
Category: Teens/YA
Genre: Mystery/Thriller, Contemporary
Format: eBook (ePub, 341 pages)
Source: Goodreads
Rating: ★★★


Best friends don't send emails once they're dead. Kate Lowry may wear fake pearls and shorts so tiny that Nancy Drew would blush, but she's on the trail to prove that Grace's death was no accident. Along for the ride are a couple of knights in (not so) shining armor: the dangerously attractive bad boy, Liam, and her love-struck neighbor, Seth. Together they discover a secret lurking in the halls of their elite private school that threatens to destroy them all.


Boarding schools, societies, mysteries, hot school guys, and secrets are totally my things. The story is about a girl who lost her best friend. I love the concept, it's amazing!

The main character, Kate Lowry is a brave girl. She did things just to find out what really happened to Grace (her dead best friend), I love how she truly cares for Grace. I felt sorry for her when she lost her other friends when Grace died. I can relate to Kate, not because my best friend died... but because I also lost a best friend just because she met new people. When I lose friends, it's the same reason over and over again.

I love that she goes to a boarding school. If you didn't know, I'm a sucker for boarding schools! I've been dreaming to study in a boarding school ever since I watched Wild Child. Actually, in this book there's nothing much to dislike. The title really did suit the book, it seemed like every one in Pemberly Brown is a liar. The cover really did attract me, it did suit the book because as you can see in the cover it's a girl wearing a school uniform and she has a pink hair. If you've read the book, Kate mentioned that she has a pink hair and I love it! 

It was a fast story and every thing was easy to understand, I didn't had a hard time. My favorite character would be Seth! Kate is really right when she said that every girls need a guy like Seth. Well, he's very supportive, geeky, and fun to be with. I'd totally have him as a friend. (Ouch, friendzone!) My least favorite would be Maddie, like how could she ditch Kate just like that? Just because she's friends with the famous girls doesn't mean she needs to ditch Kate and act like she doesn't exist.

The book was a fun read. I loved it since the beginning till the end. I can't put it down every time I read it and I'm gonna read the second book! I
'm hoping that it wouldn't disappoint me.



Amazon || Book Depository || B&N

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Buddy Book Haul #1

Sunday, April 13, 2014
It's like Stacking The Shelves but I want to call it Buddy Book Haul! Enjoy, book buddies.

*I received eBooks in exchange for honest reviews last week but I forgot to post a book haul last week, sorry! I also forgot taking pictures, I'll just list it down.*

Books I Got:

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
(I won the copy from a flash giveaway.)
REVIEW: Book Review: Maybe Someday

The Land of Dragor by Julia Suzuki 

(I got the ecopy from the author. Thanks!)

Lady Thief by Shelby Hailstone Law
(I got the ecopy From the author. Thanks!)

Only Human by Anna Tuckfield 
(I got the ecopy from the author's brother. Thank you!)
REVIEW: Book Review: Only Human 

Win The Rings by K.D Van Brunt
(I got the ecopy from the author. Thanks!)


If you have book recommendations, leave a comment below!
Wish to talk to me personally? Email me:

Friday, April 4, 2014

Book Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Friday, April 4, 2014
Title: Maybe Someday
Author: Colleen Hoover
Publication: March 18th 2014 by Simon & Schuster Ltd (UK Version)
Format: Paperback, 384 pages
Source: Own copy, won from a giveaway
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Amazon || Book Depository || Goodreads


Colleen Hoover draws you in to this passionate tale of music, love and betrayal...
Sydney is living in an idyllic bubble - she's a dedicated student with a steady job on the side. She lives with her best friend, has a great boyfriend, and the music coming from the balcony opposite hers is fast becoming the soundtrack to her life. But when Sydney finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, the bubble bursts. The mysterious and attractive man behind the music, Ridge, gives Sydney hope that she can move on and they begin to write songs together. But moving on is harder than she expects, Sydney can only hope... Maybe someday... 

Featuring music from Griffin Peterson.


Powerful. Full of emotions. Original.

The first time, I read Sydney's point of view I honestly felt sorry for her and I love how she stayed strong even though deep inside its crushing her. If Hunter (Sydney's boyfriend) was real, I would've punched him, he's such a jerk. Let's move on to Ridge, he's freaking mysterious, unpredictable, musically gifted, and utterly attractive. Come on guys, who wouldn't fall for Ridge? (I just want to let you know, he's my book boyfriend right now!)

I like how Ridge helped Sydney get over her jerk boyfriend and bitch best friend. I dislike how Warren (Ridge's roommate) acts like a jerk too but then eventually you'll love him too. I felt sorry for Maggie (Ridge's girlfriend) in the end. (You'll know what happened if you'll read it, must read by everyone!)

The title really did suit the book, the US and UK cover are both awesome but I think the UK cover doesn't seem to match the plot of the book. The dialog between everyone in this book are really easy to understand. My favorite character would be Ridge because he tried so hard in making every thing right and he finally realized what's really in store for him. My least favorite character would be Tori and Hunter, they're both pricks!

After reading the book, I realized things that are applicable in real life. Like you should really get to know people around you and don't ever trust easily because you might not know what will happen. I did not expect that I'll win this book and trust me, I never regretted that I won this. I must be honest with you and to be really really honest, while I read this book I was crying.
When I read these parts;  
“My heart made it's choice, and it chose you.”

“I...will never...regret you.” 
“How ever, I've learned that the heart can't be told when and who and how it should love. The heart does whatever the hell it wants to do. The only thing we can control is whether we give our lives and our minds the chance to catch up to our hearts.”  

I broke down into tears. This book is a must read and super awesome! Two thumbs up to Colleen Hoover for writing another masterpiece. Totally worth reading.
Thanks for reading, my lovely book buddies!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Review: Only Human by Anna Tuckfield

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
[Only] Human (The Human Series, #1) 
by Anna Tuckfield

Publication Date: March 15th 2013
Category: Teens/YA
Genre: Mystery/Thriller, Science Fiction
Rating: ★★★★★
Source: Amazon

(I got this book in epub form, from Mr. Aaron Tuckfield. Big thanks to him!)

"The ability to read minds makes nineteen-year-old Abby Lee's life complicated and lonely, but when she's abducted to a facility intended to contain and 'rehabilitate' others with similar abilities she finds nothing is quite as it seems. With the unlikely help of a mysterious fellow inmate, she begins to seek out the real motives of the shadowy people behind the facility and escape before they discover what she is capable of."


 This book was unbelievably good. I enjoyed every part of it, it's an interesting read. I like that it's not instant-love when Abby met the Connor, it really focuses on the main subject on how they would escape and discovering Abby's real abilities.

 The concept, the characters, and everything about this book was good. The concept was so good, it was so clean. I love how sci-fi and mystery was mixed up, I didn't even thought I'd like the book. My favorite character was Connor because he seemed so mysterious and unpredictable. I love the team work between Abby and Connor, they really did their best, and they're both awesome.

 The book kept me guessing what would happen next whenever I stopped reading, when I have something to do. Every chapter has something to offer, though I must admit, that some parts are kind of boring (let's say 10%)... but mostly, it was SUPER good. I love the actions and revelations all through-out the book.

 If you're up for mystery/sci-fi/adventure kind of book, this is good for you. I'm really looking forward to the next book! Please don't keep me hanging because this book was really good!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Monthly Recap: Goodbye March!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
March has been a good month for me because I started blogging and I'm so happy about my decision. Today, I'm going to show you the books I have read for the month of March. 

(My browser is acting so weird. I can't get the photos so bear with me then! Thanks.)

Books I read: 5
✌ (Yes, improving!)

Favorite Books for March 2014:

The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter (eBook)
My Review:


The Sound of Letting Go by Stasia Ward Kehoe (eBook)

My Review:


Countdown by Michelle Rowen (ARC copy, PB)

My Review:


My March 2014 Playlist:

1. Dark Horse by Katy Perry (Alex G Cover)

Watch it on YouTube:

2. All Too Well by Taylor Swift (Against The Current Cover)

Watch it on YouTube: 

3. Turn by Kalin & Myles

Watch it on YouTube:

4. Classic by MKTO (Acoustic Version)

Watch it on YouTube:

Well, that's all for my faves this month! I just basically showed you my fave books and my March playlist. Be sure to check all the things listed in this post, they're all awesome. Thank you for reading and stopping by.