Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book Review: The Liar Society by Lisa & Laura Roecker

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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The Liar Society (Liar Society Series, #1)
Author: Lisa & Laura Roecker  
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire (March 1, 2011)
Category: Teens/YA
Genre: Mystery/Thriller, Contemporary
Format: eBook (ePub, 341 pages)
Source: Goodreads
Rating: ★★★


Best friends don't send emails once they're dead. Kate Lowry may wear fake pearls and shorts so tiny that Nancy Drew would blush, but she's on the trail to prove that Grace's death was no accident. Along for the ride are a couple of knights in (not so) shining armor: the dangerously attractive bad boy, Liam, and her love-struck neighbor, Seth. Together they discover a secret lurking in the halls of their elite private school that threatens to destroy them all.


Boarding schools, societies, mysteries, hot school guys, and secrets are totally my things. The story is about a girl who lost her best friend. I love the concept, it's amazing!

The main character, Kate Lowry is a brave girl. She did things just to find out what really happened to Grace (her dead best friend), I love how she truly cares for Grace. I felt sorry for her when she lost her other friends when Grace died. I can relate to Kate, not because my best friend died... but because I also lost a best friend just because she met new people. When I lose friends, it's the same reason over and over again.

I love that she goes to a boarding school. If you didn't know, I'm a sucker for boarding schools! I've been dreaming to study in a boarding school ever since I watched Wild Child. Actually, in this book there's nothing much to dislike. The title really did suit the book, it seemed like every one in Pemberly Brown is a liar. The cover really did attract me, it did suit the book because as you can see in the cover it's a girl wearing a school uniform and she has a pink hair. If you've read the book, Kate mentioned that she has a pink hair and I love it! 

It was a fast story and every thing was easy to understand, I didn't had a hard time. My favorite character would be Seth! Kate is really right when she said that every girls need a guy like Seth. Well, he's very supportive, geeky, and fun to be with. I'd totally have him as a friend. (Ouch, friendzone!) My least favorite would be Maddie, like how could she ditch Kate just like that? Just because she's friends with the famous girls doesn't mean she needs to ditch Kate and act like she doesn't exist.

The book was a fun read. I loved it since the beginning till the end. I can't put it down every time I read it and I'm gonna read the second book! I
'm hoping that it wouldn't disappoint me.



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