Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hello September: Introducing #BookishRecs!

Sunday, August 31, 2014
Hello book buddies!

Since I haven't posted much last month, I planned something to do this September. Basically, through the whole month of September, I'll post a bunch of book recommendations. Each week will be a different genre. This thing isn't something new in the blogosphere, I have seen many people do this. Anyone is free to do this tag!

You can find the genres I picked for the whole month of September:

First week (09/01-09/06) = YA Paranormal/Fantasy!
Second week (09/07-09/13) = YA Contemporary/Romance!
Third week (09/14-09/20) = YA Mystery/Thriller!
Fourth week (09/20-09/27) = YA Horror!
Fifth week (09/28-09/30) = YA Science Fiction/Dystopian!

If you have some recommendations, feel free to join me by using the hashtag #BookishRecs on both Instagram and Twitter! I'd love to see all of your recs since I'm always open to read something new. :)

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