Thursday, August 21, 2014

I've Been Nominated For A Liebster Award!

Thursday, August 21, 2014
Hello book buddies!  

Deasy from The Bibliophilism, nominated me for Liebster Award. I'm truly honored to receive such nomination. Thanks a lot Deasy! Basically I need to answer 11 questions that Deasy left out for the us (bloggers she nominated for the Liebster Award).


1. Link and thank the blogger who nominated you 
2. Answer the question they asked 
3. Pick 11 other bloggers with no more than 200 followers to nominate 
4. Ask them 11 questions and let them know you nominated them.

1. What films you love the most which are adapted from books?
- The Hunger Games! (And hopefully soon, If I Stay!)

2. What are your favorite parts of Harry Potter?
- To be honest, I haven't read nor watch Harry Potter.

3. Do you often relate some particular songs with the books you read?
- Yes, specially when I'm reading YA contemporary books. 

4. Which book blog you like the most?
- Probably between Stay Bookish and Books For A Delicate Eternity.

5. Do you have any special treatment to keep your books in good condition?
- I cover them with plastic acetate. I do it with my paperbacks only.

6. What inspired you to create a book blog?  
- My love for books and the book bloggers I am following.

7. How do you usually pick your new readings?
- Through Goodreads and usually recommendations from other people who loves to read, too.

8. Do you like to write fictions?
- Yes! Actually I'm working on one, right now. :)  

9. If you were able to jump into some particular universe of a book, which one you would choose?
- In the universe of Starters by Lissa Price.

10. Most memorable characters?
- Katniss of The Hunger Games, Lexi of Branded, Callie of Starters, June of The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June, and Sophie of Vain.

11. Which do you prefer, a paperback or e-book?
- It depends on my mood but usually, paperback.

Thanks a lot for these questions, Deasy!

Below are the 11 bloggers I am nominating for a Liebster Award!

Ailla of Le Bibliophile~
 Anna of Enchanted by YA  
 Okay lovely bloggers, here are the 11 questions you need to answer:

1. What book(s) do you want to be on the screen someday?

2. What is your favorite book of all time?
3. If you could be in a paranormal book, what would you be, werewolf or vampire?
4. Who is/are your favorite author(s)?
5. What's the best book(s) you've read this year?
6. If you could live in a book, what book would it be and why?
7. Why did you join the book blogging community?
8. Describe the last book you've read in three words and what book is it?
9. Do you fall for fictional guys, if so, can you name at least two of them?
10. What's the best thing about book blogging, in your experience?
11. What is/are you favorite book blog(s)? 

That is all the questions you need to answer! Please do check out all the lovely blogs I mentioned above! :)

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