Sunday, August 24, 2014

Suggestion Sunday: BookTubers I Love!

Sunday, August 24, 2014
Hello book buddies! I am so glad to do a Suggestion Sunday post again! It's been a while since I posted a SS post because I became more focused on reviews but anyways, enjoy!

So, my Suggestion Sunday this week are BookTuber(s) (or Book-Tuber) that I love! If you don't know what a booktuber is, basically they are book bloggers who posts about bookish stuffs on YouTube, so that's why they are called Book-Tuber(s).

Below are my favorite booktubers:
(In no particular order!)

1. Giselle from BO-OK NERD Canada! She is one of the many BookTubers that I love watching on YouTube and she also have a book blog with the same name as her YouTube channel. Be sure to check her videos out! :)

Giselle's Links:
Blog || Twitter || Facebook || Goodreads

2. Kassidy from Kassidy Voinche! She is also one of my fave and I love her videos because she's very lovely to watch and she is a really sweet girl when she talks plus she's very pretty! And of course, she also have a book blog but I think she's much active on YouTube more.

Kassidy's Links:
Twitter || Booklikes Blog || Goodreads

 3. Amber from Books of Amber! I love watching Amber's videos especially when she traveled to Germany! Not just her travel videos but also her book haul videos! She makes great videos and you should really check it out! Plus she also have a book blog! :)

Amber's Links:
Twitter || Blog || Facebook || Goodreads

Be sure to check all three of them because they are really great! Leave some of your favorite booktubers below so I can check them out! :)


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