Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Review: The Four Kings by Scott Spotson

Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Title: The Four Kings
Publication: October 22nd 2013 (Self-published)
Format: Paperback (for review), 508 pages
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance
Source: Review copy sent by the author. (Thank you!)

Politics, magic, and love don't mix. Or do they?

When the world is overcome with The Great Blight of poverty, corruption, and hopelessness, a group of young wizards seizes control and makes sweeping changes--which divides the human race into loyal supporters of the new regime, and bitter, angry revolutionaries.

In the midst of the turmoil is Amanda Fullerton, a grad student who is hired to act as liaison between the wizard council in North America and its citizens. While ruling like monarchs from their perch in the sky, the self-proclaimed "Liberators" create a widening gap among the Mortals, with Amanda caught in the middle.

As Amanda tries to serve both sides, she becomes embroiled in the twisted agendas of these puppet masters. With alluring, yet deadly wizard games that threaten her life and romantic entanglements, Amanda discovers her "dream job" is anything but! While the four wizards--Demus, Indie, Regi, and Justica initially unite under their libertarian ideals and their revered god Elsedor, their unique personalities eventually lead to infighting, with the fate of the continent up for grabs.

"The Four Kings" casts a spell on its readers with a well-woven tale of fantasy, thriller, romance, and political intrigue that will keep you guessing until the end--and perhaps beyond.


This book is amazing. I never though I'd like this book. It's a mixture of magic, politics, and love. I love magic and love but I do not like discussing politics. For me, I think politics is a very serious topic to talk about but this book has somehow created a not-so-serious politics discussion. It was fun when the wizards took over to rule humankind. They took over since the world is flooded with corruption, poverty, and some other serious stuffs going on around the whole world. Even though at some point it got too serious, I still loved this book. Every chapter offered something. As for the romance in this book, it was cute and I can really feel the love between the characters and also the romance did not\overpower the story.

The characters are amazing! Four different wizards took over to rule the world and make our place a much more comfortable place. The wizards are Demus, Indie, Justica, and Regi. You will know the reason behind their names if you read the book. (So, I suggest grab your copy now! Hehe.) And then there's also Amanda Fullerton, a human, who got to be the Supreme Liaison. As the story progresses, Demus fell in love with Amanda while Amanda fell for Regi. Very complicated, right? Don't worry though because like I said, the romance did not overpower the story. The seriousness of the politics is there, the amazing magic is there, the sweet and complicated romance is there. Everything is equal.

The plot of this book was so amazing. Very unique and original. I have never read anything like this before. Like wizards taking over to the rule world, As for the writing style, it was pretty good too. I am always impress with how Scott Spotson comes up with these amazing ideas and how he writes his books. All of the books I have read from him, so far, are all impressive.

I really enjoyed reading this book even though there were some parts that got boring. Trust me the whole book was amazing! This is an another favorite read for me this year! I would totally recommend this book to those people who loves to read contemporary stories filled with magic, politics, and romance.
★★★★ ½

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