Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review: Odium by Frank McManus

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Young Adult, Adventure
Published May 21st 2014 (Self Pub)
Format Acquired: Paperback, 168 pages
Review copy sent by author. (Thank you!)


Lost in time and dimension, is an island known as Odium. The name Odium came from a great giant who lived when the world was new. The island formed when Odium stepped from the sea. Mud from the bottom of the sea came up under his foot, and remained upon the surface of the water. As he stepped away, a shell cut his foot leaving his blood mixing with the seawater, creating the essence of life, and causing the evolution of the many strange wonders on and around Odium. An Ocean of Dreams surrounds Odium, keeping it cloaked from the ignorant and narrow-minded; an ocean that clouds perception and bends reality causing one to see what they want to see, but not always what is there. Many ships have gone into this ocean never to be seen or heard from again. It is said that this land called Odium holds the keys to our existence, our past and our future. To find the island and rediscover its secrets will bring about a time of great prosperity, wonderment and peace upon the land. However, through the millennia all of the charts and records to Odium have been lost. All that remains are the stories that elders tell to their young at bedtime. Hence, Odium was to remain forever a myth, a story told to children, or so we were led to believe... This is the tale of two extraordinary best friends, who discover a great secret and become adventures. Friends who never gave up, who dared to challenge reality and their own awareness in order to rediscover and explore Odium. For the good of the many, on the hopes of a few, they embarked on a journey of a lifetime.


Odium was a great book. It was really an adventure book. Basically, it's about two boys who will journey to Odium, an island far away and only certain people can find the it. You could only find it if you truly believe it exists. The book started with Bob, a fifteen-year-old boy, who works for an old lady who is his neighbor, Mrs. Openhimer. After a long day of working for Mrs. Openhimer, Bob got into a serious chit-chat with her. She talked about Odium and how amazing it is. During the chit-chat, Mrs. Openhimer suddenly died (yep, she died) and Bob immediately got worried so he called the medics to report the incident. Bob got a necklace from Mrs. Openhimer, that will help him and Frank get to Odium.

I love the characters, Bob and Frank. They are both very amusing. I adored them both even though Frank could get annoying, at some point. Frank McManus did a very amazing job making up Bob and Frank, they are both genuine. They entertained me a lot while reading this book.

The plot was astonishing! I have never read anything like this plus the actual book is beautiful! There's a map (FYI, I love maps!) and in every chapter, there's a design on the top which I found so cool! As for Frank's writing style, it was great. Though at some point, I was having a hard time processing every sentence. 

The adventure is there. The thrills and unexpected events is there. It was impressive! There were inconsistencies, yes, but I love this book so much so I'd still give a high and acceptable rating. I'll clearly add this to my growing indie book favorites!

★★★★ ½

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