Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Crown's Game: Sneak Peek REVEALED!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Privet, loyal members of the Guard,

The new site for The Crown's Game is here, including a sneak peek at the Reveals. I'm so excited, I want to use a ton of exclamation points, but that'll get this message snagged in your spam filter, so I'm trying to refrain. Which is hard.

The Tsar counts on the Guard to spread the word, so please tell everyone you know. And if you like pre-composed tweets:

THE CROWN'S GAME: Reveals begin 7/1, but the Sneak Peek just went live at! @EpicReads @EvelynSkyeYA

Oh yeah, and after you shout this from the rooftops, go look at the awesomeness yourself:

Thank you, and I love you alllllllll....


The Tsar’s Guard is an international army of pre-release fans of The Crown’s Game. They are the first to hear Crown’s Game news. They are ambassadors for the book. And they receive random, surprise gifts from Evelyn (like the limited edition bookmarks she commissioned, exclusively for the Guard.)

And rumor has it that there are more amazing things set to come.

So join this elite army, which boasts members all over the world (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, England, Italy, Scotland, Philippines, Ukraine, and the US, just to name a few.) The Tsar is always looking for more good soldiers! Join through this link:

Always your friend,


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