Monday, December 21, 2015


Monday, December 21, 2015

Hello, book buddies! I'm here with a post that breaks my heart ((a little)). Basing on the title... yes, I'm selling some of my books (which are pictured below). The books shown in the picture are MINE and PRE-LOVED. For now, this is only open to PHILIPPINE residents only.

Unite Me by Tahereh Mafi (Trade Paperback, plastic covered, + SIGNED!!!)
Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes (Paperback w/ minor scratches and bents)
Falling Into Places by Amy Zhang (Paperback w/ minor scratches and bents)
Countdown by Michelle Rowen (Paperback, plastic covered)

If you need more photos of each book, please send me an email.

If you want to buy a book or two, please read the guidelines carefully:

1. The buyer must shoulder the shipping fees and other expenses in sending the book.
2. Payments must be made through Palawan Express or LBC (for those who are in the Philippines). I'm still not sure if I should open this internationally but if ever someone is interested AND is not in the Philippines, I guess we can work things out.
3. All of the books shown above in the picture are PRE-LOVED. That means there may be bents/scratches but don't worry, all the books are in GOOD CONDITION.

If you are interested in buying or have any comments/suggestions, you can contact me with this email - or through Twitter.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

COVER REVEAL: Black Diamond by Ali Dean

Thursday, December 10, 2015
Cover Reveal made possible by Mark My Words Book Publicity.

Black Diamond 

It’s not a place for the weak.
No one here tolerates wimps.
If you can’t handle it, leave.
Welcome to Stark Springs, Colorado, home to the most talented young athletes in the world.
When Roxie Slade snaps into a pair of skis, there’s no one on Sugarville Mountain in Vermont who can keep up with her. Not even the boys. Still, Roxie was shocked when she received a scholarship to Stark Springs Academy, a boarding school that churns out Olympians in each graduating class. Entering as a high school junior, Roxie can’t wait to learn from renowned coaches and train with the fastest ski racers from all over the globe.  But upon arrival, Roxie discovers that Stark Springs lives under its own set of rules, and it appears one boy plays dictator.  
Ryker Black is not friendly and Roxie cannot fathom why everyone wants to be his friend. Sure, he’s gorgeous and rides a snowboard like it’s his fifth limb, but he’s cold, ruthless, and holds way too much power over the Stark Springs population. Roxie won’t put up with it. She’s here to train, and she doesn’t care about impressing anyone off the slopes. The only problem? Ryker Black doesn’t permit defiance. Not without consequences.

Ali Dean lives in Colorado with her husband, twin toddlers, and golden retriever. In addition to reading and writing, she loves the outdoors- everything from marathon training and biking to snowboarding and skiing.

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Thank you to MMW for making this possible!