Kyla Alyanna is my name and book blogging is my game.

I blog, I read, I dream, and I fangirl. I'm just an another misunderstood teenager. If I'm not here, I'm probably over at Twitter (tweeting random stuffs) or hiding in my closet, reading a good book. ❤️
At first, I joined blogging just for fun and I didn't really take it seriously but since then, I've learned to love blogging about books and here I am now; a very happy book blogger. I also have another blog that I handle with my cousin, Carmel. Our blog's name is Carmel & Kyla. I also post some reviews, meme, and random stuffs there! Visit us.

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Blog || http://carmelandkyla.blogspot.com
Blog || http://bookbuddiesph.blogspot.com
Twitter || www.twitter.com/klfontalva
Instagram || www.instagram.com/kylareads 

Goodreads || www.goodreads.com/kylafontalva
CONTACT: bookbuddiesreview[at]gmail[dot]com

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